The Shiants

The Shiants

The Shiants

The Outer Hebrides, (also known as the Western Isles) is a chain of islands over 150 miles long off the north west coast of Scotland.

The Shiant islands lie between the mainland of Scotland and the Outer Hebrides.

For many who travel by ferry to Lewis, the most northern and populated island in the chain, this is their first glimpse of the Hebrides.


2 responses to The Shiants

  1. anne marie

    THis is a great photo. Can anyone tell me how far the photographer was from the islands when he shot this? Do you know of any other photos/video of the Shiants? thx!

  2. Sam – Author

    Thanks Anne, I took the picture in 1981. Writer Ian Stephen and I were returning with the shepards and the coastguard after rescueing sheep from the cliffs on the Islands. I would have been about 1.5 miles from the rib off the western side of the islands. This picture was taken on the same day. It’s one of my favourite shots. I know that Ian was recently on the islands making a film. He knows a lot about the islands Another source of info is from Adam Nicolson’s site Adam’s book Sea Room is a brilliant introduction to these amazing isles.

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