Cornish Lizard Swans

Swans in Cornwall

Swans in Cornwall

One of the places in England I have got to know reasonably well is – probably unsurprisingly – Cornwall.

It’s a place I’d always wanted to go to, drawn by the idea of a Hebridean-esque landscape, but a tad warmer.

In reality, the Cornish landscape is really quite different from the Hebrides, but still notably celtic. In the Lizard in the south of Cornwall, where this picture taken, there are lots of little creeks and inlets where wildlife abound. We have stayed several times at Trelowarren, an ancient forested estate that is re-inventing itself as an ecologically sound holiday location. 

When I was there at Christmas time, I saw a rare turquoise flash of kingfisher in the same spot as these swans had performed their ballet a year previously. The moment was somewhat ruined by my lovely wife trying to have an earnest debate about the advantages of fixed rate over variable rate mortgages.


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