Sun and Sea

Sun and Sea Mumbai

Sun and Sea Mumbai

I spent four months living in Mumbai in 2001 making a TV series called Bombay Blush for the BBC. On days off, some of us would head up to Juhu to the Sun and Sea hotel and chill by the beach doing yoga as the sun set. I’d had a pretty rough time over the previous few years and my time in Mumbai helped me heal and move forward again. I have a special affection for Mumbai and was really upset when the news broke of the terrorist attacks in the city. It’s weird to think that a bar we regularly used to drink in at the Taj hotel was the scene of so much suffering.


2 responses to Sun and Sea

  1. farah ali

    Hiya Sam great to come across your Mumbai Pic.I too have a special affection for Bombay. I’m THE ORIGINAL creator of Bombay Blush for Brighter. We never met during the production-I won’t go into the reasons for it but it was worth it – creating the series! Pre BB I created & produced another quirky series Bombay Chat for C4.
    It’d be great to chat about your experiences out there.
    Best Wishes.

  2. Sam – Author

    Good to hear from you Fara. Yep, Blush was quite a special time for me. Where are you based now?

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