World’s Number 1 Terrorist

Number 1 Terrorist

Number 1 Terrorist

It was fantastic to watch the inauguration this week, hearing the leavened President Obama being so publicly scathing about George Bush and his legacy. I know everybody talks about how impossible the task ahead for Obama is, and how he can’t live up to expectations, but it would be hard to imagine that he won’t make a vast improvement on the mess that Bush has left behind.

This image is from the Stop the War march in London in 2006, protesting against the bombing of southern Lebanon. 

On a related topic, I’ve just heard the news that the BBC has refused to broadcast the Disaster Emergency Committee’s appeal for Gaza, on the grounds that it will jeopardise their impartiality. What has got into them? They’ve broadcast previous appeals for peoples around the world that have been devastated by military action. Why is this different?

Donate to the DEC Gaza appeal.


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