Abstrakt decision

Edmonton Ikea

Edmonton Ikea

It’s raining, it’s London, it’s January and it’s time. We’ve talked about this kitchen for as long as I can stretch the conversation. The quote from John Lewis would have made us fall off our breakfast barstools if we’d had any.  Arriving early, we float between banks of birch veneer and brown boxes and catch an eddy into kitchens.  We swither between Solar and Abstract and think breakfast might help a decision along.  I’ve forgotten my wallet. Nothing for it but to jump in the swelling river of trolleys and be washed through, bedrooms, children’s and flat-packs back into the Tottenham rain.  Grab wallet, find shortcut and down caustic coffee…and…yes we have an Abstrakt decision. It’s one pm and the trolleys are thick as logs on the Amazon as we make it out through the tide of Sunday shoppers, smiling.


One response to Abstrakt decision

  1. Scott Hatton

    We lived in delightful Golders Green in 2004 and 2005 and I used to fly into Stansted twice a month. Twice a month and twice a visit, the airport bus would pass IKEA Edmonton and normally it was raining.

    For me, this photo conveys the excitement of arriving in London – looking forward to loving arms and Italian food and the gloom of leaving – the stress and misery of contemporary air travel.

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