Urban Surfing

Beware of the phsycolists

Beware of the phsycolists

I love to cycle. I call it urban surfing. Each day I cycle into work, which isn’t far. But I also pedal back and forward from my  office in Raw Television to the edit suites at Envy. It’s about twenty minutes of hardcore urban cycling through the centre of London and it’s joyous weaving. We are making another 13 part series of ‘Banged Up Abroad’ or ‘Locked Up Abroad’ as it’s called in the US. It’s a great series to produce. My crews get to work all over the world but I get to go urban surfing each day in London. I took this picture on my phone in the Lee Valley where the London Olympics are going to be held in 2012.


One response to Urban Surfing

  1. I stumbled on this randomly by typing “air cycling” in google images, I’m an cycle addict too, I like this as well as some of your other postings.

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