Brighton Bliss

Broghton Beach Sculpture

Brighton Beach Sculpture

Easter in Brighton…When I left the Hebrides and sailed  south to live, my first port of call was Brighton. It’s where the serious southerly seduction began.  Brighton has the sea, the situation and the attitude to seduce anyone hungry for contemporary culture, space and fun.  Nine years later and the love affair is full blown. We have relatives and friends there now.

West Pier at Brighton

West Pier at Brighton

So despite having to work over the Easter holidays, we made an impromptu dash to Brighton. It’s ten years since we met,  so we picked up some very gooey but beautiful his and her’s jewelry from Jeremy Hoye’s, visited friends, walked the beach, drank wine and played vintage computer games. Easter bliss.

And if you want sexy shoes which also happen to be vegan (and ethically sourced), then the award-winning Neon Collective is for you. Jen has a new pair of these red shoes and gets all sorts of compliments when she wears them.

Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach


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