A boat rocks but so does London

Crossing from the Balearics to Napoli in 2001

At this time of year my thoughts turn towards the sea. I grew up in Greenock, a hardnosed shipbuilding port in Scotland. It was rowing that first channelled my energies away from the street. Then sailing and canoeing on the river Clyde meant that when I moved to the Outer Hebrides in my twenties, there was only one place to be, the sea. Whether it was sailing trips to St Kilda; canoeing around Orkney or screaming across Broadbay in a Sabbath-storm windsurf, being on the sea seemed fundamentally important to being me. I seriously harboured thoughts of becoming a professional sailor when I crewed a schooner around the Med for a summer. But I finally decided against it; instead I moved to London and immersed myself in film and TV again. Staying in London means I don’t often go down to the sea. I miss it, but nowhere as much as I thought, London rocks in ways I never expected.


5 responses to A boat rocks but so does London

  1. Becky T

    Well in the Hebrides you were maybe a big fish in a small pond. Now you are more like a small to medium fish in a big sea so you’re still in the ocean…

  2. Becky T

    What’s ocean doing away over on the left on its own in the comment? Kinda takes the completeness out of my carefully crafted contribution.

  3. Mitch Reid

    Hi Sammy boy, as someone who was born and raised on the Isle of Skye and whose father and grandfather were fishermen, the sea has always had a magnetical attraction for me. When you spend a long time driving inland an ache builds within you then suddenly you breast a hill and you can see the sea and there’s an instant release, a sigh and you feel so much better. Probably the reason Kate has just cooked me prawns and clams for tea, ’cause I know she feels he same way. Err, and that’s clams, which is what these shellfish are . . .not scallops or what our English friends for some reason call scollops!

  4. I know exactly how you feel about London. I lived there for 20 years and moved away 10 years ago but still miss it. I can see the sky every day now and live close to interesting countryside and I adore being outdoors and walking and enjoying everything that nature has to offer be it rural or by the sea but London gets into your soul sometimes.

    Happy that I have stumbled across your blog. Love your pictures and am enjoying your words too. Thank you for sharing.

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