Alaskan Adventure

The view from my house

I’ve been away from the blog for nearly two months now; consumed by another adventure. I’m making a new series for Discovery that I can’t write about; but I can write about Alaska. Last winter I visited for the first time and was blown away by the grandeur, scale and savage other-worldliness of the place.

This time we arrived mid April as the snow was melting and the greening had begun. Snowy peaks soar above fronds of silver rivers teaming with salmon that are preyed on by bear and eagle. Everywhere you look is drama. We hope to be here until the fall. What a privilege it will be to follow the seasons and cycles of this extraordinary world.


One response to Alaskan Adventure

  1. Sya

    Shall live vocariously (sic) and enjoy your blogs, keep them company. Is this really the view from your house, people use the word awesome too much. This is an awesome landscape. One day you are going to be writing the most interesting memoirs. lol

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