It’s nearly a year since I first flew into the wonderland of Alaska. Just the fall and big snow to come until the season is complete and the circle closes. It’s been an intense encounter with a truly amazing part of the world. I’m always so busy when I’m on the ground that it seems that it’s only whilst I’m in the air I can find time to take a snap. And it is snaps I take.  I’m less and less interested in Cameras these days because I can’t find one that’s invisible. The closest I get to it is my Blackberry. There’s little consideration of settings, lenses etc,  only aquisition. Recently, when I was looking at my father’s often two dimensional photographs,  I worked out that he took pictures to capture places as trophies and return to friends and family with evidence of his independence.  He made slide shows, I make a blog. We are trophotographers.

September in Alaska, taken on my blackberry


One response to Trophotography

  1. lee

    Brilliant photo, even if it is a snap. I often thing how our lives are mapped out, well those of us who do little, by the snaps we take, sometimes all that is left. I have been hunting for photos of my fathers old shops, trolling archives, trying to find the radio interviews he did in his young days. H is 80 next week, there is a surprise party , i find myself suddenly desperate to find photos from his youth, I have found very few. There is no photos of my father with any of us as children. I wish there were more.
    You have an interesting life Sam, enjoy taking snaps and your break. x

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