Simple stories well told

Tiree and Drew meet for the first time in a year.

I’ve spent the last week in edit struggling to tell a complicated story in a simple way. I have a maxim that I try to apply to all my TV work, which is ‘simple stories well told’; it’s difficult to achieve sometimes.

I’d always thought this motto applies more to producing and directing films, because the process of making a coherent, entertaining story that works for a broadcaster’s audience is inherently complex.

But when I looked at the still photograph of  Drew and Tiree, I see the maxim at work again. I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures that are contre jour. When colour and  texture are removed, the essential is isolated without the detail.


3 responses to Simple stories well told

  1. Keeping it simple is something I’ve been learning to do over the last few years – I was inspired by an interview with Garth Jennings – all of his music videos are one simple idea, well executed – that’s it. It helped focus down my manic need to have a million things going at once!

  2. Sam – Author

    Rob. Good to hear it. What are you up to? Give me a bell on my Raw email. Merry Christmas.

  3. explorermikaelstrandberg

    You are such a good photographer dude…..It would be great to meet again. Am home with Eva,, but thinking doc. Saudi-Gitmo-rehab….take care, bro! Keep it simple! M

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