Cornish bliss

Thorns at Mullion Cove

We’ve just returned from an amazing week’s holiday in Cornwall. Jen and I stayed at a place we’ve returned to again and again. Trelowarren is an old estate on the Lizard that rents out lovely cottages deep in a forest. Besides brilliant woodlands to walk away the stresses of work, they also have an excellent restaurant, pool, spa and tennis court. We always go out of season. Then we have the run of the place for walks and snuggling in front of the wood-burning stove while watching endless episodes of The West Wing or The Sopranos.

Sam and Jen at Helford Passage

Very fierce Shetland Ponies

Even fiercer Highland cow

Jen on the Pier at Mullion Cove


2 responses to Cornish bliss

  1. Hi Sam,
    Just wanted to say that I found your blog while scrolling through the tags on WP and I think your photographs here came out great. I really like the first one at Mullion Cove. Thanks for sharing,
    – Nate

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