Archie Maynard RIP: Feb 8 1920 – Apr 12 2011

Dad on one of our holiday jaunts to the Hebrides

My Dad has just died.  He was 91. In February I went to Greenock to celebrate his birthday with him in the house where I grew up.  The same one he’s just died in.

Chistmas 2010 with a wee whisky glow.

There had been an ongoing debate in the family about whether he should stay at home or go into sheltered accommodation. The discussion was between everyone else but him. He was having none of it. He was fiercely independent, still driving and just last month he got on a bus and travelled to Inverness to see his close friend Jean.

One of the last pictures I took of my Dad

Everyone I have called is distraught that this good man is gone. I haven’t got a date for the funeral yet but I’ll post more information when I do. It’s hard to come to terms with this. He and I had a rough old time getting used to each other when we were growing up. But as we got older and grew to understand each other we became best friends. Now my best friend is gone and I am in tears. I will write more when I can.


5 responses to Archie Maynard RIP: Feb 8 1920 – Apr 12 2011

  1. When all is said and done, they shape us into who we are and usually it isn’t half bad. Sorry to hear of your great loss today. X Gisele

  2. Becky Thomson

    You made it to best friends, that’s a hell of an achievement and you have the memory of it always. Well done.Bx

  3. Jane Mote

    So sorry to hear about your Dad Sam. Archie was such an infectiously lively and bright man who Jerry and I loved meeting at your wedding. I’m glad you got to a great place in your relationship and that he was able to share in all your equally remarkable adventures and achievements. Thinking of you J and J x

  4. So very sorry to hear about your dad.

    He was the very warmest of men and so very passionate to share his love of Times Past and the lives of a generation unable to leave their final thoughts to humanity. Thank you for letting us pay our respects to so humble a man .
    Congratulations you remained friends !

  5. Sam – Author

    @Gisele. I wrote his obituary yestarday and realised more than ever how much of my father is in me. Thanks for your kind words. Sam

    @Becky. I hear you met Brian at the filling station in Ullapool yesterday and that the talk was of Archie. He’d like that, I do. Yep we made it to the best of friends and there is great satisfaction and sorrow in the parting. Sam X

    @Jane. It’s been a remarkable two weeks as we head towards the funeral and take stock of his life. I’ve been so heartened by the love and respect that people have expressed. Thanks J n J we’ll have a dram for you at the gathering. Sam x

    @Mairi. I know he enjoyed meeting you and he certainly enjoyed a good tale ot two, especially with a dram to get the crack flowing. We didn’t remain friends, we became friends…now that’s another tale to tell. But not for now. Thanks Mairi. All the best. Sam x

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