The Sanity of Love

Flying from Juneau to Haines, Alaska. Writing a poem for Jen, thinking of houses of love and listening to Neil Young’s Harvest.

It’s been over a year since my Dad passed away.  It has been the toughest yet conversely, the most life-affirming year of my life. To read the glowing obituary I wrote about him just a few blogs ago you’d think it was all done and dusted. Not so. I have come to a far more profound understanding of the fundamentals of my life.  The power of the subconscious; the true nature of grief; the importance of respect for others but ultimately, just how lucky I am in my soul mate.

There were times when I certainly questioned my sanity; I know others did. There were times when the despair and the anger were overwhelming. There was never a time when Jen wasn’t beside me, holding, smiling and reassuring. Slowly gradually helping put me back together, stronger, happier; resolved in myself.

Put quite simply, she was my rock and my saviour. I’ve added diamond number seven to her wedding ring as it will be our seventh wedding anniversary tomorrow. We have given each other tickets to Paul Simon’s Graceland concert in Hyde Park. But I’d also like to give her this;  a poem I wrote three weeks ago as I headed to the Alaskan gold fields. We are buying a new house together.

Alaskan Sky (For Jen)

Flying through clouds
Sun glint on fiord and peak
Searching for gold again
My father comfortably in me
At last

I feel the great love
Of my life stronger
Than ever
In the lonely sky
Of trust

I fly north
To fly south
Adventure and invent
For a new home
For our hearts

A home for us
A place to be safe
For us
For family
For friends to love

We cross the lucky horizon
together forever
Where the sea meets the sky
At home in our


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