Back Again


Biggles on Ardroil Beach, Lewis Oct’14

It’s well over a year since I’ve written in my blog. Moving house twice, filming in Africa, shivering in Siberia and back and forward to the States, it has all been a little bonkers. In amongst the madness has been the arrival of Biggles to our home. He’s just over a year old now and has become such a part of the family that it’s hard to remember what life was like without him. Alongside getting a dog, I also invested in new camera kit. I’ve replaced my old Nikon D200 with a D610 and a new suite of relatively fast lenses to fit its full size sensor. There is something about being back in the familliar territory of 35mm focal lengths that I’m finding has rekindled my enthusiasm for photography. The new Nikon is a beast to get used to but I can see endless possibilities. The shot above of Biggles was taken using a 50mm lens fully open at f1.4. Critically low depth of field and virtually impossible to get sharp without autofocus. It is amazing how technology is changing the way we make pictures and so see the world.


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