Bike Love

'Bad Boy' and 'FiftyFixy' in the morning light.

‘Bad Boy’ and ‘Fifty Fixie’ in the morning light.

I remember my first unassisted bike ride like it was yesterday. It ended abruptly with me crashing into my Dad’s car. Since then I’ve had many an inglorious tumble off my various bikes. The most recent sudden departure from my BMX a couple of months ago after a mistimed drop in into the skate bowl in Victoria Park left me with a crushed thumb and six stitches.

Regardless of the bumps and bangs, I simply love cycling and the simplicity of bicycles. I liked the way the sun created the highlights and shadows in this picture of my ‘Fifty Fixie’ and my trusty old ‘Bad Boy’, especially the way the circles and lines interacted. Shot on Nikon 85mm: f1.8 :1/500: ISO 100.

Six stitches

Six stitches


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