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Seattle waterfront, en route to Alaska April 2010

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I’m Head of US Factual for Raw in London. I oversee and develop television series for US networks such as Discovery and National Geographic. My shows have included Locked Up Abroad, Shackleton: Death or Glory, Siberian Cut and Jungle Gold. I developed and produced Gold Rush, the number 1 hit show for Discovery.

I’ve worked as a producer, director and cameraman, making documentaries around the world including West Papua for Travel, Kenya for the BBC, Siberia for Discovery US, and Bangladesh for Discovery International.

I began my career as a freelance photographer in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland where I started and ran a TV and Internet Company, (hence the blog URL of hebrides.com).

This blog is inspired by pictures I’ve taken on my travels. There is no theme other than the way I see the world, and of course the views expressed are my own, and not of any employer, current or previous.

The images and video on this site are covered by a Creative Commons licence. If you are interested in the commercial use of this work, please get in touch.

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Greenland, August 2011


25 responses to About Sam Maynard

  1. i am addicted to banged up abroad. i have the dvd locked up abroad.i have seen all the episodes so far on british tv apart from series 2 about jim and paul in venezuela about the nepal episode about the two american girls in peru and about glen. when are they going to be repeated on uk t.v and how can i get a copy. i would pay good money. are all the complete series going to be available on dvd eventually. this is the best programme on t.v and i am devastated i missed series 2 and cannot watch anywhere altho i read they have been shown in australia. sam can you help us out. is there some way i can get hold of a copy of these episodes.thanks alot pete thompson

  2. i am just echoing my previous comments about trying to get hold of a copy of series 2 of banged up abroad. this is a fantastic series and they do not seem to be repeated on uk tv.thanks sam

  3. Magdalena Wachowska

    Hi Sam
    I am working for German TV. We are planning a documentary on Outer Hebrides in August. I would like to have a chat with you about Outer Hebrides. Please could you contact me via my email

    Best regards

  4. Mark Haigh

    Hi Sam,

    I was wondering whether copies of the photos of Ultravox circ 1984 are available for sale?
    Just a fan from Australia making an enquiry. The photos, song, band are milestones in my life.
    Thank you.

    Mark Haigh

  5. Sam

    Hi Mark, Sorry for not getting back sooner. What size of image would you like? I can mail you or FTP and fairly decent size image that you could then get printed in Oz. I’m afraid I can’t get to it until September as I’m really busy right now. Get in touch with me via my email address. Best. Sam

  6. Fred Lathbridge

    Dear Mr Maynard

    I am a great admirer of the of programmes you have produced . From ‘Making Slough Happy’ and ‘Mission Africa’ to ‘Banged up abroad’, your programmes are innovative, entertaining and intellectual.

    My experience as a director of photography has seen me work on documentaries, short dramas, animations as well as short film . I would like to acquire more documentary credits and would relish the opportunity to work with you . I have worked with various digital formats that range from Digi beta and HD to mini DV. My skills and experience has enabled me to achieve cinematic aesthetics whilst using cost effective methods . This summer a film I had worked on was nominated at the Soho film festival.

    I would welcome the chance to hear from you, my show reel can be viewed by this link http://www.mediafire.com/sharekey=cfbec39bb4f3a5d4d1014a7a667fa2b4e04e75f6e8ebb871

    My email address is f.a.lathbridge @hotmail.com

    Yours Faithfully

    Fred Lathbridge

  7. Don Feeney

    Hey, love the show Locked up abroad. I am an American who was sent to Prison in Iraq in 2009. They initally charged me with murder when my friend was murderd. They grabbed up 5 of us


    Anyway, I made it through the Iraqi Justice system after 14 months and am now back in the USA!

    Watching the show gives me the creeps, because I know what they are going through…..except I was totally inocent and facing a half assed justice system in the middle of a war zone…….in the middle east…..right as they aquitted “Black Water”…..lol…needless to say the pucker factor was on high!

    Dont kn ow if you still do the show or not, if so…..this is a great story!



  8. Sam Maynard

    My friend said he searched my name for kicks and giggles and was surprised to see that I am an award winning photographer. Of course, I had to check for myself!

    It looks like we have a lot in common other than our name. I am also a photographer and film maker, only on a much smaller scale.

    Your work is great and I’d love to learn how you do it. Can’t wait to see more.

  9. Hi Sam!

    Scott Gurney of Gurney Productions here in LA asked me to research you and find your contact information.

    Can you please drop me an email with your info so he can contact you about an upcoming shoot?

    Jill Rudison

  10. KT Cappellini


    I’m a producer who’s been working with a family of survivalist-minded gold miners in Montana for the past three years, trying to get their story told. They are the second and third generation attempting, against significant odds, to bring their family’s historic mining claims into production.

    Upon seeing the premier episode of your new reality series, “Gold Rush Alaska,” I thought you might be interested in my principles for future installments of the show.

    I have a sizzle reel that I could send for your perusal. In the meantime, if you’d be interested in chatting to learn more about the principles, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Best,

    KT Cappellini
    4000 Miles Productions

  11. Chad Moore

    Sam I Live in British Columbia which has been producing large amounts of god ore since the 1800. I live in the lower mainland and there is an old tale of a gold mine that was known to produce nuggets as big as walnuts. Unfortunately there was only one man, a native indian, who knew of the exact location of this mine. The storey goes that this native prospector would come into town on the coast and live the high life paying for booze and women with gold nuggets. He would sick around for a few months until he would run out of gold then he would hike back to his mine and a couple months later be back for fun. Many people tried to follow him none were successful. One woman managed to befriend the indian in hope of him taking her to this secret mine, on their way there while taking a boat up the river the indian plunged a knife in her back and cursed the whole area. The police caught the man and he was hung. There are pictures of the man’s camp as well as police reports and newspaper article and maps of other prospectors all of which point to an area behind pitt lake. There have been many people who have tried to reach the location but none who have been successful. Lots of people have died looking for this area some people say its because of the curse others say that its because of the harsh conditions like 100 foot cliffs, a glacier that must be crossed, dense bush, wind rain and snow storm that come out of no where and wild animals that are on the hunt. Some friends and I are going on an expedition to find this lost mine to get rich and we are looking for someone to document the journey

  12. Sam – Author

    Interesting tale Chad. Thanks for sharing it with me. When are you planning on going? Who is in the team? Do you have more detail of the route and more source material I could look at?

  13. Thinking of you

    Thinking of you all at this time.
    So very sorry to read about your lovely dad at this time !
    Went all the way to Mineola Texas to help my recovery from losing my mum at the grand old age of 88 and find all the males I encounter watching a programme about mining for Gold In Alaska . What A long way to go and find something so precious !!
    Bless you and your family in the road ahead .

    Best Wishes Mairi
    what a shame my call to nurse dear people stopped me from working for you,

    What a wonderful world !
    Sincerest comiserations
    Mairi M Martin


  14. Tony Scott

    Hi Sam
    Sorry to read about your Dad, I remember what it was like when mine passed away. You are looking well and succesful I am still avoiding work by staying in teaching. All the best. Tony

  15. Greg McHugh

    Hi Sam
    So sorry to hear about your Dad. As organist of Ardgowan Parish Church in the 90’s, he would sometimes give me that ‘Maynard’ look when I played a bum note (there were a few!) and was forever telling me about unusual hymn tunes – many of which he gave me copies of and which I still use to this day. Archie was a great friend, full of support and encouragement and had a wonderful sense of humour. A solid man who knew what was right. I shall miss him very much. Greg McHugh

  16. Sam – Author

    Thanks so much Greg. This comment means a great deal to myself and my family. We are missing him but we are also buoyed by the love, respect and affection that so many people have shown towards him. All the best. Sam

  17. Sam – Author

    Thanks Tony. Long time no speak. Glad to hear you are still doing a worthwhile job as I gallavant about the place. Thanks for your kind words on my Dad. It’s very thoughtful of you. Best. Sam

  18. Like Peter Thompson, I too am addicted to “Locked up Abroad.” I have worked on several film and video productions and i find this show of upmost quality. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and getting the message out there to be cautious while traveling and definitely don’t smuggle drugs.


  19. Heather

    Hi there could you tell me please who is the western isles biker on the poster,alot of island bikers guessing xx

  20. Sam – Author

    The wonderful Jimmy Racken (Sp?) from Parkend?. Shot as part of a poster campaign I did with the National Gaelic Arts project in 1989.

  21. Sam.. We have found the “Lost Dutchman Mine in Arizona” and the story surrounding the discovery should be preserved by your expertise as in “Gold Rush”. We have also discovered a huge jade deposit in the mountains around Darrington, Wa. The exploration and extraction can also be documented as well. Thank you for your time.. Jim Panek jjpanek@hotmail or bulltroutjade.com or The Jade Cave on google.

  22. Mark Romano

    Hi Sam,

    I absolutely love Banged up Abroad, it’s one of my all-time favorite TV series. I am currently working on a similar styled passion-project about first responders to a natural disaster and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind answering a question I have about your work process:

    Would your team shoot the interviews and edit them to a roughly locked script, then begin planning out the reenactment shoots (storyboards etc.) according to the script ? Or would they shoot the interviews, outline the plot points, plan and shoot the reenactments according to those plot points, then edit interviews and reenactment footage together like you would with typical documentary interviews and b-roll? Or something completely different?

    Sorry for the long question. I love making documentaries and I’ve had some success with my smaller/shorter projects, but I still have A LOT to learn about film making (only 2 years out of film school). Any advice would be extremely helpful! Or if you could just point me in the direction of somewhere I could learn more about reenactment based docudrama film making, that would be great too.

    All the Best,


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